Are you disappointed
by the online experience your child’s been having
this summer? Us too.
Why are they so bad?

Many Online camps over promise & under-deliver. They're just:

As camps rush to move online, there isn’t a focus on what success means for our students.
Online camps can’t tell whether your child is focused, meaning it’s another thing you have to do
Since everyone is moving online, the experience is similar across the board.

As a parent working from home, these camps just make your day worse. You can choose from:

Hours of boring recorded lectures
The last thing kids need is more lecturing. It’s impossible to keep their attention for that long and often bores them to sleep.
Live classes with 5+ Students
We’ve done this. It stinks. Everyone has to go through the same experience and educators get stressed because they can’t help everyone
“Self-guided” camps that you guide
Many parents have purchased at home kits or online self-guided programs only to find that they have to add another job to their list.

It’s time for an option that your kids love enough to log themselves in without your help!

Ready to find it?

Code Naturally Tutors

A one on one tutoring service where your student is the center of attention

No lectures, only discussions,talking through concepts, and making amazing projects.

They guide their learning and have an experienced mentor supporting them the entire way. Freeing you up to do the many things piling up on your to-do list.

How do I get started?

How do you get started?

1. Take quiz & get lesson plan
2. Pick your educator
3. Select date and time
*If you've worked with us and already know what you want to work on, simply click here to book your favorite educator now.

Meet our educators

Mackenzie Baughman
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Hi there! My name is Mackenzie and I've been working for Code Naturally for 2 years now. Code Naturally helped me learn how to code, but I have been teaching STEM concepts for 6 years. I love working with students on designing their own unique video games and helping their dreams become reality! My favorite projects to create are generative art (where you have the computer create art for you!) because I love how easy to customize they are. I enjoy working with students who are beginner - advanced.

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I am a junior going to the University of California San Diego in the fall to study computer science and music. I love to surf and play music. My all-time favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on the Nintendo 64. In Code Naturally, my favorite things to code are simulations of natural occurrences like rain or snowflakes. My preferred levels of students to tutor are beginner to intermediate but I am open to working with students that are starting to make more advanced projects.

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I’m a recent graduate from UC Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Computer Science. I first discovered my passion for coding when I took AP Java as a senior in high school, and ever since then I knew that coding was what I wanted to do for my career. I only wish I had started learning earlier! Besides coding, I love to exercise, spend time with friends, and go hiking/camping/anything outdoors. I hope that through Code Naturally I can further develop others’ passion and knowledge of this great field!  I prefer to tutor students who already have a fundamental understanding of the core concepts of programming so that we can work on more advanced topics.

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Why try Code Naturally Tutors?

Our team has 5+ years of experience taking kids from their first coding experience to building games and apps.
Pick times that work in your schedule and make changes or add times as late as the day before your appointment.
Our tutoring is affordable to make it accessible. Our competitors charge 2x or more for a lesser experience.
*Plus, if it’s not a good fit, we’ll give you your money back!
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Curriculum Progression

LEVEL 1 - Entering the world of programming!

Computer Science:

- What is programming?
- How do computers work?
- The importance of syntax
- Commenting Code
- How red, green, blue color logic works
- Using pre-made functions


- Cartesian Coordinate Grid
- Geometric Shapes
- Addition and Subtraction
- Sequencing

Practical Outcomes:

- Outlining an idea for an illustration and breaking it down into doable steps
- Taking a project from idea to completion using basic provided functions
- Patience with troubleshooting problems & de-bugging code
- Experience in making mistakes & building grit

Example Projects:

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LEVEL 2 - Making a move into animation

Computer Science:

- Loops
- Variables
- Conditional Statements
- Changing how a computer interprets your code


- Negative numbers
- Order of Operations
- Applying algebra
- Limits

Practical Outcomes:

- Using frames to plan and outline animations
- Leveraging a computer to do repetitive tasks
- Creating animations from their own ideas
- Understanding how the cartoons they enjoy are made at a basic level

Example Projects:

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LEVEL 3 - Designing Games & Advanced Programming

Computer Science:

- How to take in user input
- How to manipulate user input
- Combining conditional statements
- For and While Loops


- Transformation
- Radians, angles, and degrees
- Compound statements

Practical Outcomes:

- Ability to make interactive projects - apps & games
- How to consider an end-user for our products, apps, and games.

Example Projects:

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LEVEL 4 - Advanced Adaptive Tutoring

Computer Science:

- Differs based on what your student wants to create after having mastered the basics in the first 3 levels
- Can range from AP Computer Science prep, advanced game design, data visualization, and more


- Algebra
- Statistics
- Trigonometry
- Geometry
- Discreet Math

Practical Outcomes:

- Take app or game ideas from idea to sharable project
- Understand the technology that you use on a daily basis
- Prepare to take on AP Computer Science P or a College level course
- Learn how to work on open source projects and develop outside of CN

Example Projects:

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